Ben Nevis Scotland 


  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was sitting at the Ligonier PA Highland Games in September of 1981.  My friend's young daughter, Bridget, was looking at an illustrated child's book.  As I sat and had her show me the book, we came across a page with a black and tan dog.  Bridget proudly announced that the dog was a Gordon Setter.  My first thought was "A what?"  I turned to her parents and asked what she was talking about.  They were proud members of the House of Gordon (Note: some Scottish Clans refers to themselves as a House rather than a Clan.)  They proceeded to tell me of the rich heritage of this "the clan dog" and it's association with the House of Gordon.  I remember thinking "Well, this must be fate!  A dog with the same name as me.  It's Scottish and I'm Scottish so this must be meant to be!"


    On that day Ben Nevis Gordon Setters was "conceived".  I knew then that I needed a Gordon Setter.  I had just graduated from college that spring so my life was a little up in the air.  My boyhood dog, "Bootsie", was a border collie and he had turned 14 that year.  So when I could no longer share my life with my boyhood friend, I planned on finding a Gordon Setter.  Bootsie passed away in 1983 just short of his 16th birthday.  So, in the spring of 1984 it all began!
Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland.  It is near the town of Fort William, the ancestral home of Clan Cameron.  The Chambers family traces its heritage back to Clan Cameron.